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May 28 recap (2009-5-28)

Here are the headlines: Hoot heads up a tree early: Long-time leader Hoot Vinson was second out tonight, meaning he achieved but two points. Silent Assassin declares open season on Hoot: The Assassin, adorned in a non-descript bucket hat that must have been remaindered at Sam’s Club, scored his fourth consecutive bonus-point finish. Although it [...]

May 21 final recap (2009-5-22)

It’s finally in the books. Here’s the way it finished on May 21. First place went to Peel-Out Vinson. Man, he might not get cards for weeks on end (just listen to him, he’ll tell you chapter and verse), but when he gets them, he gets them for hours at a time. Second place went [...]

Not my night (2009-5-21)

After missing a week for barbecue fest — Ace’s team did well, but didn’t win in ribs — we reconvened for Mr. Hoot’s birthday (a few days early). The grilled chicken was scrumptious. The strawberry birthday cake was moist and tasty. The cards weren’t memorable at all. For much of the first hour, Ace, Peel-Out [...]

Rumor has it that … (2009-5-21)

cards will be in the air in the 7 p.m. hour tonight. We’ll be playing at the repaired Thursday Night Investment Club antique table and all are hoping that the Thursday Night Brownies are already in the planning stages. No word on number of attendees. All I know is this: With Mr. Hoot holding a [...]

What are those birds up there? (2009-5-20)

They were once considered the model franchise. Winners of two consecutive CDRL crowns recently, the Carmine Hose flew above the league like a proud eagle, championship banners clutched in its talons. Now, the Hose have been bloodied. No longer able to achieve flight, they dare not look skyward for fear of seeing the circling vultures. [...]

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack (table version) (2009-5-18)

The original table has been repaired, I’m happy to say. I’m also happy to repeat that while I was at the side of the table that broke, I was STILL not responsible. Anyway, sources close to risked life and limb to smuggle a picture out of a top-security situation. And we have it for [...]

CDRL: Transactions PunDominated (2009-5-16)

Here we go with another Transactions Report, this time delivered with a distinct South Jersey accent to honor Alan Bauer, the head Pundit. May 16: Pundits pick up 2B Bobby Scales (CHC) for $5, drops OF Darnell McDonald (CIN): This is basically a swap of career minor leaguers, but Scales offers some versatility at MI [...]

No game this week (2009-5-15)

We’ve been dislodged on the schedule by the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue contest. Ace Render (currently in last place in the standings) is part of a championship barbecue team and has been diligently practicing his barbecuing and beer drinking. Mr. Hoot and Mrs. Vicki drove downtown to check it out. Hoping we’ll get [...]

CDRL: Kings under pressure, but they deliver (2009-5-13)

With the title of Top Trader in CDRL suddenly in question, King Kerry Sewell did what he always does: He got busy and made a deal. Let’s set the stage. The man who had once made 25 trades in a season, who made at least one deal with every league member during one offseason, who [...]

CDRL: Transactional report (2009-5-12)

Been a busy few days in the world of transactions. Let’s get right to it. May 12: Suspects pick up P Bobby Parnell (NYM) for $5, drop P Seth McClung (MIL). Not unusual here. Parnell has pitched well as the 7th inning guy. Also, the Usual Suspects are the Usual Suckers for Mets. May 12: [...]