CDRL: Transactional report

Been a busy few days in the world of transactions. Let’s get right to it.

May 12: Suspects pick up P Bobby Parnell (NYM) for $5, drop P Seth McClung (MIL). Not unusual here. Parnell has pitched well as the 7th inning guy. Also, the Usual Suspects are the Usual Suckers for Mets.

May 12: Showboat picks up P Ramon Troncoso (LA) for $5, drops P Doug Brocail (HOU). Troncoso has been a pleasant surprise for the Dodgers, who pitch him every day, it seems. Vin Scully on Sunday said it didn’t seem like a Dodgers game without a few pitching changes. As for Brocail? Showboat was singing his praises as a source of cheap saves last week. Oh well.

May 12: Suspects pick up IF Juan Uribe (SF) for $5, drop OF Matt Stairs (PHI). Uribe helps IF depth for the Suspects (what, no Mets available?), and rumor has it that Stairs was spending too much time at the clubhouse buffet after games.

May 11: Mojo trades IF Emmanuel Burriss (SF) and UT Ryan Freel (CHC) to Showboat for SS Yunel Escobar (ATL) and IF Jeff Keppinger (HOU). Sam’s Club for Contending Teams opens again. Burriss is a source of speed and Freel will pick up some ABs at 3B while Aramis Ramirez recovers (making this the second time Mojo has traded the Cubs 3B in a month). Escobar is certainly serviceable and Keppinger can be useful.

May 11: Crusoes pick up P Pedro Feliciano (NYM) on waivers, drop high school pitcher Patrick Schuster. This was done for two reasons. (1), Kerry needed to make fun of someone, why not me, and (2) Schuster finally gave up a hit after pitching four straight no-hitters.

May 11: Suspects claim P Tyler Yates (PIT) on waivers, drop Daniel Cabrera. Any transaction that includes dropping Cabrera must be considered a success.

May 11: Mojo picks up UT Ryan Freel (CHC) for $16, drops OF Craig Monroe (PIT). Mojo always thinking ahead to the next trade.

May 10: Dwellers trade P Aaron Harang (CIN), P Josh Johnson (FLA), OF Manny Ramirez (LA) and OF Nate Schierholtz (SF) to Suspects for 1B Lance Berkman (HOU), P Francisco Cordero (CIN), P Paul Maholm (PIT) and OF Delwyn Young (PIT). The Dwellers were desperate to get rid of Manny, who well may be pregnant by the time the Suspects get to activate him. Expect Harang and Johnson to be a big upgrade for the Suspects staff. The Dwellers get a solid closer, a closer, a great-when-healthy 1B and a talented-but-benchable OF.

May 10: Pundits pick up P Kip Wells (WAS) for $6, drop P Renyel Pinto (FLA). The mistake with Pinto is watching him. He looks like he should be able to pitch. Many of us have been fooled. Wells may actually be the “source of cheap saves.”

May 9: Suspects pick up OF Xavier Paul (LA) for $7, drop P Kevin Correia (SD). Or is it Paul Xavier? No matter. He has average, he has speed, he has a good seat on the bench to watch Juan Pierre. Remember when Kevin Correia was a cheap, talented pitcher? Remember when the Suspects didn’t turn their roster over every other week?

May 9: Flash picks up OF Laynce Nix (CIN), drops P Pedro Feliciano (NYM). Nix will help the already talented Flash. Only a fool would pick up Felici … never mind.

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  1. #1Justin (Usual Suspects) @ 2009-5-12 08:32 Reply

    The fact of the matter is, I need a Met reliever. I had Joe Smith my first two years in the league but they went and traded him. I tried to pick up Sean Green for a buck at the auction and was actually out-bid for him(!) so the Parnell pick up was long over-due. The Yates for Cabrera move was strictly addition by subtraction. As for the Uribe/Stairs swap, Uribe is eligible at 2nd, 3rd, and SS while Stairs shouldn’t play anything but DH. Plus, Olney said that the Giants were thinking of moving Sandoval over to 1st and playing Uribe at 3rd, so I wanted to grab him while I still could for $5…

    As for the trade, if I’m going to go down, I’m going down swinging! After a 6th place finsih my rookie season and a 5th place “in the money” finish last year, I had high expectations coming into the season. Unfortunately Ollie Perez and crew have done their best to torpedo me. I needed to improve my starting pitching as quickly as possible. With the bunch-up in saves I felt I could trade a closer while not losing a lot of ground. Berkman will surely turn it around but he wasn’t exactly carrying my offense so hopefully I can maintain my current levels until Manny returns after he loses his baby-weight.

  2. #2admin @ 2009-5-12 09:26 Reply

    Just curious, Justin. Why do you NEED a Met reliever? Is that in the Usual Suspects bylaws somewhere? Having one was pretty much the kiss of death last year. Of course, I just picked one up too — and a lesser one, at that. I looked at Parnell yesterday, as a matter of fact. I think he’s a good pickup.

  3. #3Justin (Usual Suspects) @ 2009-5-13 07:34 Reply

    Why do I need a Met reliever? That’s for me to know and you to find out…

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