CDRL: Kings under pressure, but they deliver

With the title of Top Trader in CDRL suddenly in question, King Kerry Sewell did what he always does: He got busy and made a deal.

Let’s set the stage. The man who had once made 25 trades in a season, who made at least one deal with every league member during one offseason, who would trade democracy for communism (just so he could get democracy back in a trade later), Sewell found himself staring daily at transactions lists that often began “Memphis Mojo trades.”

The defending champions were not amused at this turn of events, especially with Kings fans sniffing another title.

Enter Tater Dawgs, a team looking to gather talent and Cincinnati Reds for future wars. And what did we get?

Let’s examine. The Kings traded SS Jason Donald (PHI-$10), OF Jason Heyward (ATL-$2), 1B Gaby Sanchez (FLA-$10),and 1B Josh Whitesell (ARI-$16). The Kings received 2B Brandon Phillips (CIN-$33), OF Jeremy Reed (NYM-price unknown), P Jose Valverde (HOU-$35) and P Chris Volstad (FLA-$5 opt).

This is a case of the future-is-now trading more future to the future-is-in-the-future. No question that Donald and Sanchez have potential. No question that Heyward showed enough to win the starting CF job in Atlanta a few months early. No question that Whitesell has pop and is going to find out where he stands now that he’s up with Arizona.

The Kings, meanwhile, strengthened their squad in their effort to repeat. Phillips and Valverde are costly, but there is no in-season salary cap, so who cares? Volstad has shown that he can pitch at this level. Reed is an afterthought.

While trading is difficult, it seems a bit easier when a team is trying to build for next year. You don’t really care about the immediate results. But the tough trade is the one you make when you’re in contention. And King Kerry Sewell has shown he can keep making his team better.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-5-13 Category: Baseball

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