No game this week

We’ve been dislodged on the schedule by the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue contest.

Ace Render (currently in last place in the standings) is part of a championship barbecue team and has been diligently practicing his barbecuing and beer drinking. Mr. Hoot and Mrs. Vicki drove downtown to check it out.

Hoping we’ll get back to it this coming week now that the regular table has been repaired (picture to come).

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-5-15 Category: Poker

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  1. #1The Competitor @ 2009-5-16 19:29 Reply

    Thanks for removing all references to my true identity. I like being incognito.
    Glad to hear our table is soon to be back in live action after major reconstructive surgery. Wonder if there will be any “rust”. Oh yeah, no rust it’s made of wood. My bad!

  2. #2admin @ 2009-5-18 21:00 Reply

    We at aim to please. Hope you enjoy the site. Did you see the standings above?

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