What are those birds up there?

They were once considered the model franchise. Winners of two consecutive CDRL crowns recently, the Carmine Hose flew above the league like a proud eagle, championship banners clutched in its talons.

vulturesNow, the Hose have been bloodied. No longer able to achieve flight, they dare not look skyward for fear of seeing the circling vultures. Teams above the Hose seek not to sympathize. Instead, they look to ravage.

We have it on good authority that at least four top-tier teams are pursuing the top talent currently wearing Hose uniforms, ever since Hose president James Overstreet made a pronouncement that it might be time to see what guys like David Wright and Michael Bourn might fetch.

Once a leader who vowed never to make a deal before grill fires had died out on Memorial Day, Overstreet seems ready to try a new vow: It’s never too early to deal.

Some of the offers are for either Wright or Bourn. Others are going for both.

One deal is a reported 2-for-1, with the Hose getting some help now and a prospect. Another owner opened his prospect closet, firing the names of future players and well-priced lower-tier major leaguers. Still another was seeking Wright and Bourn and offered at least one established major-leaguer.

At least one more is out there and word is at least one more owner has called an organizational meeting to see if there’s a chance they can come up with a late offer.

What will the Hose do? They’ve always been an unpredictable club. Stay tuned.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-5-20 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Alan @ 2009-5-21 10:50 Reply

    Hose will be back. Not this year, but as early as next year. He has value to trade and isn’t afraid to trade it. He will build a solid base, prep for fantasy football, have a solid draft next year and be in the thick of things.

  2. #2Kerry @ 2009-5-21 21:59 Reply

    The Kings are willing to wait as long as needed for the Hose to determine which deal to accept (as long as it is one of ours).

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