Not my night

After missing a week for barbecue fest — Ace’s team did well, but didn’t win in ribs — we reconvened for Mr. Hoot’s birthday (a few days early). The grilled chicken was scrumptious. The strawberry birthday cake was moist and tasty.

The cards weren’t memorable at all.

For much of the first hour, Ace, Peel-Out and the Competitor looked to be in a battle to be first out. But that didn’t happen. Instead, it was me, finally going on all-in with pocket 3s — I was down to 30 chips or so after losing a decent amount of my stack with a Big Slick that didn’t improve — only to run headlong into the Silent Assassin’s pocket 10s.

The Competitor was next out, shortly after taking a brutally bad beat when Peel-Out (who was still suffering from bad cards at that point) hit runner-runner straight cards to win a hand he had trailed forever. Then Ace finally hit the rail.

As this is written, the outcome is unknown. I left early (not peeling out, fearing gimmick infringement). But I didn’t leave before I saw the hand of the night, between Peel-Out and Hoot. Hoot entered the hand with K-9 underneath. Peel-Out, in the big blind, stayed with a small jack. The flop came J-J-J. When Hoot hit the 9 for a full house, he went all-in. Peel-Out left skid marks pushing his chips right in for the winning four Jacks, leaving the leader open-mouthed with dismay.

A recap of the end of the night will be posted later.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-5-21 Category: Poker

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