May 21 final recap

It’s finally in the books. Here’s the way it finished on May 21.

First place went to Peel-Out Vinson. Man, he might not get cards for weeks on end (just listen to him, he’ll tell you chapter and verse), but when he gets them, he gets them for hours at a time.

Second place went to the Silent Assassin, Brian Haynes

Third place went to our long-time leader Hoot Vinson, whose lead over the Assassin dropped to 13 points.

The mantra for the rest of us? It’s still early. One thought on a Friday night. Maybe we should start holding games in secret and forgetting to call Hoot, leaving him with the one-point consolation prize for awhile.

Would we do that? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-5-22 Category: Poker

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