May 28 recap

Here are the headlines:

Hoot heads up a tree early: Long-time leader Hoot Vinson was second out tonight, meaning he achieved but two points.

Silent Assassin declares open season on Hoot: The Assassin, adorned in a non-descript bucket hat that must have been remaindered at Sam’s Club, scored his fourth consecutive bonus-point finish. Although it didn’t pay off (explanation below), the Assassin picked up a second-place finish and has cut HootMeister’s lead to single figures, 87-78.

Occasional guest The Teacher joins the fray and makes her presence felt: The Teacher built an early chip lead and didn’t g-rob her stacks of high society. She ended up splitting the pot.

Ace picks up a new nickname: What do you call someone who has picked up a single point seven times in our 18 matches? Looks like it’s got to be Mr. ONEderful. He was first out, but he stayed to offer support to The Teacher (rumors they are romantically linked are unsubstantiated) and wander aimlessly.

Magic Man finally manages card tricks: The Man of Magic knew he needed to stick around and earn some points. With Mr. ONEderful already gone and Hoot stuck with both wings in casts, MM looked down to find pocket 10s. He ended up in an all-in duel with the bucket-hatted Assassin, who flipped over Big Slick. The Assassin hit an ace on the flop. As the drama built, only a 9 (for a straight) or a 10 (for a set) could save Magic Man. But abracadabra, out came a 10 and he was back in. The stack started to dwindle again until he won four-of-six hands to regain respectability (at least from a chip standpoint). He ended up going head-to-head with The Teacher and after a dozen or so hands, they split the pot.

Culinary corner: It was pizza night, Little Caesar’s doing the work. The Thursday Night Brownies reappeared after taking a week off. They were, of course, delish.

He said it: Hoot Vinson had few cards to play with all night, but he hung around gamely. When he was finally dispatched, he said, “If it wasn’t for my poker playing ability, I’d have been out a long time ago.” Somewhere in Las Vegas, Phil Hellmuth was smiling.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-5-28 Category: Poker

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