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CDRL: Who do you regret missing in the auction? (2009-5-10)

Go back in your mind to the auction in the well-appointed offices of Kerry Sewell’s car-wash company in the thriving metropolis of Barton, Miss. (You guys who didn’t see bag o’ pickle at the BP up the street really missed out!) As you review the auction in your mind, is there anyone you wish you’d [...]

Voices of the game (2009-5-8)

So I’m on my way home last night from pok … um, the investment club meeting and the Dodgers-Nationals game is on my XM radio. Listening to Vin Scully got me to thinking about favorite announcers, so I thought I’d bring it up for discussion. First off, I’m not a Dodgers’ fan. (Blog interruption: Although [...]

May 7 notebook (2009-5-7)

** Dinner was hamburger, chips and Old Charter. Who could ask for anything more? ** The Lovely Ladies of the Investment Club took the laptop out to the patio and joined in The Commercial Appeal’s wildly successful Whining and Dining wine-tasting live blog. The Lakeland Rookies, as they’re known, joined in the lively conversation, as [...]

Surviving the electric chair, barely (2009-5-7)

May 7 recap Our second night at the formal table (the regular table is still on the dis(t)abled list — HAR!) begins with five, as “The Competitor” is out of town and assigned the last-place total of 1 point for the night. The draw of the cards for seating left me in the chair in [...]

Action tonight!! (2009-5-7)

Looks like we have an investment club meeting tonight, even though one member is out of town and another is not confirmed to be there. We all need to gang up on Mr. Mike, but if Josh isn’t there, the fewest points Mike can earn is 3. WAY TOO MANY.

CDRL: Kings hard at work on the free-agent wire (2009-5-7)

The defending champion Kings are working the wire again. Here’s what TradeMeister Kerry has done the past two days: ** MAY 6 Won P Kiko Calero (FLA) for $5, dropped P Julian Taveras (WAS): Can’t blame him here. Taveras is always droppable. ** MAY 6 Won P Tyler Yates (PIT) for $5, dropped C Koyie [...]

CDRL: History of a trading machine (2009-5-6)

The first one was May 26, 2006 and involved five players. The most recent one — but most certainly not the last one — was April 30, 2009 and involved four players. In between, Memphis Kings general manager Kerry Sewell has consummated 42 other trades in CDRL involving 180 players. The Kings always have had [...]

AALRP: The dreaded red cross box (2009-5-6)

There’s nothing quite like the, um, pleasure of calling up your roster and seeing it dotted with players sporting the injured red cross look. We have a ton in AALRP. Who do you think has been hit hardest so far? Bennett Superbas: CI Carlos Guillen (DET), 3B Cody Ransom (NYY), C Matt Treanor (DET), P [...]

CDRL: Best free-agent pickups 2007-2008 (2009-5-5)

Are there really bargains out there? It’s easy to look at the player pool after the auction and determine there’s no talent out there in the naked city. So thanks to the CDRL Website (and a case of Tuesday night boredom), I went back and looked at all the free-agent pickups the past two seasons. [...]

Long streak snapped in BJBL (2009-5-5)

Clyde Lowe, head of the Ms Roadkill empire, informs that this is the first time he’s been out of first place in his division since he joined the BJBL last year. He’s not out by much. A half-game, to be precise, behind the rampaging Charlestown Chiefs. Team W L T GB Chiefs 23 15 2 [...]