June 4 recap: Brownies were hot, cards were cold

We barely had a majority of the players on hand. The Silent Assassin was out of town on work detail. Mr. ONEderful decided watching the NHL playoffs was a better use of his time (who knew they even were aware of hockey in Kansas?) than playing cards. Turns out, he was right, since he and the Assassin each got 1.5 points, which would mark a 50 percent increase for Mr. ONEderful’s normal total lately. Sorry, but Mr. ONE-AND-A-HALFderful just doesn’t have the same ring.

The recap comes in notes form:

** No dinner, but the Thursday Night Brownies were already available. Yum!

** With the NBA playoffs — sounding suspiciously like HGTV’s “House Hunters” — blaring in the background, the four-man game began.

** It was a conservative night, due to cold cards. Through the first three levels, few hands played out.

** The Competitor grimaces when his modest pre-flop bet gets no takers and he rakes in minimal profit from his pocket A’s.

** Magic Man gets frustrated as he repeatedly makes the correct pre-flop play with bad cards (folding them) only to see BOTH of them get paired on the flop.

** It’s not until the 3-6 level that it gets interesting. Peel-Out Vinson starts looking for his keys as his stack dwindles. He has the first all-in and his pocket 5s survive. He goes all-in shortly thereafter and his hand beats Magic Man’s pocket 8′s. Peel-Out, down at one point to just a couple of chips and one chair, looks healthier.

** Magic Man survives his first all-in with the powerful pair of pocket deuces.

** The Competitor is getting low and he pushes against Hoot, who has the lead in the hand. The board shows A-2-3-4-5 and the table laughs, thinking The Competitor has survived by chopping the pot after coming from behind. Then we realize: The Competitor has a 6 for a higher straight. Hoot hoots in dismay; the Competitor lives on.

** Line of the night comes from the Competitor, who questioned his manhood several times. After one hand in which he was reticent to come out firing, he looks at the group and says, “The only way I can win is to bet (pause for effect), and I don’t.”

** Later in the 4-8 level, the Competitor goes all in with a small stack, holding A-9. The now-vibrant Peel-Out calls with a measly 5-6. When two more 6s show up on the flop, the Competitor is through competing for this night.

** Into level 5 we go. Magic Man gets all his remaining chips in the pot with A-7 and is called by Peel-Out’s A-2. Flop comes 7-9-9. Turn comes 9. River comes 10 and the pot is chopped. MM glares into space.

** Magic Man goes all in again, this time with Q-J. Hoot calls with pocket 8′s. Goodbye Magic Man. Enjoy your four-point, no-money night. Have another brownie, eh?

** Hoot and Peel-Out are about even in chips, so, in keeping with Thursday Night Investment Club protocol, they split the money and play one hand for the standings. Hoot has 8-3, Peel-Out has K-7 suited. Another 3 hits on the turn and the leader just gets stronger (see standings).

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