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Results, we have. Details? Not so much (2009-7-30)

Magic Man was stuck at work but, amazingly, they played without him. PeelOut Vinson took top honors, with the returning Assassin second, Hoot third and the Competitor fourth. Now that was the headline. Here are the details … Oooops, didn’t get any details. I have half a mind to make this a non-sanctioned game. What [...]

A bad omen early (2009-7-24)

We know that we believe in magic. The Lovin’ Spoonful asked in a song lyric and Al Michaels asked during a hockey game. But do you believe in omens? Catch this: First hand of a four-handed sanctioned game. Action is to Magic Man and he discovered KK underneath. He raises twice the big blind. PeelOut [...]

Bonus game, July 18 at the Magic Kingdom (2009-7-20)

What is it about homecomings in the Thursday Night Investment Club? Mr. ONEderful returned from hiatus and won. Now, the Silent Assassin escapes from his Little Rock confinement and the Magic Man opened up the Kingdom for a special homecoming game. What happened? The Assassin, about to qualify for first-time home-buyer status with Mrs. Assassin, [...]

Pasta and poor cards (2009-7-17)

If you think about it, poker and soccer are a lot alike. For instance: ** Both are fun to play. ** Both take on distinctly different meanings if used as verbs. ** And unless Norm Chad is providing color commentary, both are breathtakingly boring to watch. Such was the case when the Thursday Night Investment [...]

CDRL midseason report: Bottom four (2009-7-15)

A look at CDRL at the halfway point. No. 12: Tater Dawgs (25.0 points) — The Dawgs continue their rebuilding, but have been hurt by some underperforming players. Jay Bruce, Jordan Schafer and Fred Lewis figured to be important parts of a strong outfield, but that hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile Tater has accumulated a pitching [...]

Happy Birthday and welcome back, Josh (2009-7-1)

Mr. ONEderful made his much-expected return to the table and absolutely dominated on his birthday. Homemade pizza and ice cream cake greeted the competitors. Bad cards greeted Magic Man. The Silent Assassin is still on assignment, possibly fleecing the feebs in Arkansas, so we were five-handed. First out (2 points) is Magic Man, who lost [...]