Happy Birthday and welcome back, Josh

Mr. ONEderful made his much-expected return to the table and absolutely dominated on his birthday. Homemade pizza and ice cream cake greeted the competitors. Bad cards greeted Magic Man.

The Silent Assassin is still on assignment, possibly fleecing the feebs in Arkansas, so we were five-handed.

First out (2 points) is Magic Man, who lost most of his chips early on two miscalculated hands against Peel Out. He waits for the opportunity to get all his chips in, but the opportunity never comes. Finally, down to his last 5 chips, Magic Man pushes in with his first real hand, pocket queens. Peel Out and the Competitor both call and start checking down the hand. After an 8 on the river, Peel Out checks again only to see the Competitor throw some chips in, forcing the undercarded Peel Out to fold. Turns out the Competitor had pocket 8s and the river gave him a suckout victory over Magic Man.

Next out (3 points) is our leader, Hoot Vinson, who, moments before his departure, said, “It’s a testament to my abilities as a poker player that I’m not out.” To which the observing (and observant) Magic Man responded, “It’s a testament to MY abilities as a poker player that I AM out.”

Next out (4 points) is Peel Out, who noted he won as many hands after Magic Man was eliminated as Magic Man won all night. That would be ZERO.

Finally, heads up, we have Birthday Boy ONEderful and the Competitor. Play continues while Magic Man and Hoot provide commentary and drink bourbon. The Competitor rues one hand, saying, “I didn’t go early, so I couldn’t go late.”

Mr. ONEderful takes it at the end for an 8-point, $60 night. As always, the standings can be found here.

Postscript: In between our last two games was a big game on neutral soil. We started with 14 players, including four from the Thursday Night Investment Club. Those four finished first, second, third and fifth. Nice showing for the lads.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-7-1 Category: Poker

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