CDRL midseason report: Bottom four

A look at CDRL at the halfway point.

No. 12: Tater Dawgs (25.0 points) — The Dawgs continue their rebuilding, but have been hurt by some underperforming players. Jay Bruce, Jordan Schafer and Fred Lewis figured to be important parts of a strong outfield, but that hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile Tater has accumulated a pitching staff that has great potential for the future. Who wouldn’t want to have a starting group of Tommy Hanson, Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer and Jordan Zimmerman? And down on the farm sit Madison Bumgarner and Casey Weathers.

Offensively, Pedro Alvarez, Josh Vitters, Alcides Escobar, Neftali Soto, Jason Heyward and Cameron Maybin offer promise.

Future: He’s not there yet, but watch out. The assets are growing.

No. 11: Carmine Hose (29.5 points) — The two-time champs have fallen upon hard times this year, but everything is cyclical and the commissioner doesn’t figure to be down for long. Disappointments and injuries have derailed the Hose. Still, there is some interesting young talent in the system.

Tim Alderson and Matt Latos are future rotation anchors and Andrew Miller is already up and toiling in the bigs. Mat Gamel is a future slugger and Andre Ethier is already there.

Future: Probably another solid auction — and he always has them — from contending, but don’t count this guy out.

No. 10: Pundits (32 points) — The northeastern most league member is in accumulation mode too. Martin Prado, Kelly Johnson, Kevin Kouzmanoff (finally at a reasonable $17 and living up to the hype) and Hunter Pence form the nucleus of a good offense. J.A. Happ and Sean Burnett seem to be strong on the bump.

Down on the farm, Jason Castro and Angel Salome are future catching stars. Pitchers are coming too.

Future: The Pundits haven’t won past titles with luck. He’s building.

No. 9: Mojo (39 points) — How does an offense with Pablo Sandoval and Jayson Werth sound for starters? Mojo’s got them, along with budding star Will Venable. And Roy Oswalt is joined by no-hit hurler Jonathan Sanchez.

His roster is loaded with bargains ($140 for 25 active players, only three more than $9), so expect Dave to come flying into the auction with money coming out of all pockets.

Future: Count on the poker player to make play some better hands soon.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-7-15 Category: Baseball

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