Pasta and poor cards

If you think about it, poker and soccer are a lot alike. For instance:

** Both are fun to play.

** Both take on distinctly different meanings if used as verbs.

** And unless Norm Chad is providing color commentary, both are breathtakingly boring to watch.

Such was the case when the Thursday Night Investment Club reconvened on July 16. Dinner was spaghetti (mmmmmm). Dessert was Thursday Night brownies with icing (mmmmmm). Cards were teasers (uggghhh)

We did not have in our presence the Silent Assassin (due to be paroled from Little Rock detention soon, we’re told), and Mr. ONEderful, who was in the Eastern time zone, his lovely lady friend told us.

In their places sat the Human Slot Machine and Mr. Short Game.

I often bemoan the fact that I get the fewest pocket pairs of anyone who has ever (yes, EVER) played poker. But on this night, several came floating by to tease, confound and eliminate the Magic Man. I had 9′s, 5′s twice, 4′s and jacks. Only one of those hands won and that was with an all-in before the flop.

The only good thing besides the vittles was that leader Hoot Vinson went out first. He also had problems with pocket pairs and his second straight pocket 9′s got bounced by The Competitor’s pocket queens.

Magic Man, who had been crippled when he lost successive hands when he started with AK and 99, hung around awhile, but went all in for a third time, this time with JJ. He knew it wasn’t a good sign when first Mr. Short Game called and then the Slot Machine did the same. A set of Aces were better than the Magic Man’s AAJJ and he was left to watch the action with host Hoot.

That left just Mr. C and PeelOut Vinson, and the former sucked out a card on the river to eliminate the latter, who left no skid marks on this night. After Mr. C sucked out a straight on the river against Mr. Short Game, the Magic Man left and still doesn’t know who won. I guess we’ll never know.

Rumor has it that the Silent Assassin will be back soon.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-7-17 Category: Poker

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