Bonus game, July 18 at the Magic Kingdom

What is it about homecomings in the Thursday Night Investment Club? Mr. ONEderful returned from hiatus and won. Now, the Silent Assassin escapes from his Little Rock confinement and the Magic Man opened up the Kingdom for a special homecoming game.

He seemed a bit fuzzy at first, but soon the Assassin had all the chips

He seemed a bit fuzzy at first, but soon the Assassin had all the chips

What happened? The Assassin, about to qualify for first-time home-buyer status with Mrs. Assassin, absolutely dominated and walked out with 8 important points (see standing).

We had one interloper, son of Magic Man. But B-Rob was first out, crippled early by an Assassin full house and out with a weak 2-chip bet.

Next out was the smiling host, the Magic Man. He had 2-2 in the hole, while the Assassin had 9-9. A 9 came on the flop and the Assassin just silently slow-played. When the turn came deuce, the trap was set. The Assassin bet, the Magic Man went all in and the Assassin left skid marks pushing his chips in to call. Do you believe in magic? Not this time.

Before anyone else went out, the Assassin folded what would have been a straight flush under minimal betting pressure and The Competitor laid down what would have been four queens, also under minimal pressure.

After that, PeelOut Vinson fell victim to the Assassin, leader Hoot Vinson was eliminated by another of The Competitor’s trademark suckouts on the river.

That left the Assassin and The Competitor. In the ultimate hand, The Competitor bets all-in after the flop. The Assassin says, “I think I flopped a straight. Let me check.” What he lacked in memory he made up for in having the goods.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-7-20 Category: Poker

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