A bad omen early

We know that we believe in magic. The Lovin’ Spoonful asked in a song lyric and Al Michaels asked during a hockey game. But do you believe in omens? Catch this:

First hand of a four-handed sanctioned game. Action is to Magic Man and he discovered KK underneath. He raises twice the big blind. PeelOut Vinson calls, as does Mr. Competitor. A nondescript flop follows, something like J-8-6. Magic Man thinks he’s pretty safe with that and prepares to load up. But … PealOut throws in 8. Magic Man thinks, “Trying to steal, are we? I don’t THINK so.” Then Mr. Competitor raises to 20. Magic Man thinks, “#$%^*&(” and after careful consideration decides he’s beat by one or both and folds. And he was wrong. Grrrrrrrr

Anyway …

The first elimination comes when PeelOut bounces Mr. Competitor with his two pair. Magic Man falls prey to the Curse of the Jack. Any hand with a Jack in it, he was going to lose. First, he loses with pocket Jacks. Then he pushes with KQ and loses to PeelOut’s JJ. Mr. Competitor, always willing to soothe a fellow player, called it Jacks(on) Brown. Note to Mr. Competitor: In these troubled economic times, there are 50,000 unemployed comedians. Don’t try to take their jobs.

If these descriptions seem quick, well, the game only lasted 40 minutes or so.

Hoot Vinson is severely underchipped in headsup against PeelOut, but survives his first all-in when his pocket 5s hold up against PeelOut’s Widowmaker. But the very next hand, he goes all in again with 10 10 but loses to PeelOut, who held KQ.

As a tribute to Walter Cronkite, and that’s the way it was.

As a footnote, there was a second, unsanctioned game won by Hoot. The only hand worth commenting on came late in the game. Magic Man had finally wrestled the chip lead from Hoot, who had received a major deposit from PeelOut, but the three remaining players were all in the same ballpark. Magic Man has AJ and Mr. Competitor has K of hearts and something else. Flop comes AA10 with two hearts. Magic Man is confident with his set of Aces. He bets at it, Competitor goes all in and Magic calls. Competitor’s only hope are two running hearts, which, of course, he gets, badly crippling Magic Man with his ill-gotten flush and sending him into an on-tilt funk.

By the way, the Thursday Night Brownies were outstanding.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-7-24 Category: Poker

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