Peel-Out stays put

As you might expect from someone with a nickname of Peel-Out, Andy Vinson is on a roll. Young Peel-Out has registered 30 points in his past four starts — including three firsts — to claw his way into second place alone in the standings, just eight points behind long-time leader Hoot Vinson.

The Aug. 6 show was a perfect example. Peel-Out won early, he won often. And while it took him awhile to dispatch the Magic Man in heads-up, the result was a foregone conclusion.

Making great use of the manatee (who met a far better fate than his relative who floated up the Mississippi River a couple of years ago), the snow-shoed rabbit and the elk, Peel-Out took good hands and played them great.

After the early extinction of The Competitor, who retired to trade quips with those watching ESPN for Women on the couch, it became a three-way battle, but Hoot was determined to hang around despite a dwindling stack and continuing complaints about the cards he was getting. Over and over he went in with a stack he could count on one or two hands. Over and over, he survived, “like a stale fart that lingers,” Peel-Out said.

Finally, Peel-Out used a different kind of air freshener to eliminate the odor and by then, his stack far exceeded the Magic Man, who had become firmly convinced — thanks to his recent slump — that Hoot would eventually outlast him to get in the money. The one-on-one lasted several rounds, with the manatee showing up twice to help the winner.

In other matters, the hostess with the mostest made a mean from-scratch key lime pie, and the game was attended — well, sort of — by Mrs. Competitor, Mrs. Assassin (who eagerly awaits the return of the Silent One), LL Vinson and the Magic Woman.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-8-7 Category: Poker

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