No, this isn’t a media post. It’s not stop the presses. It’s not press my shirts, hold the starch.

On the golf course, a press starts another bet. It means that one of the competitors is behind and is trying to catch up.

We’ve pressed the Thursday Night Investment Club leader (oh, you can call him Mike, you can call him Hoot, you can call him Stringbet, just don’t call him late for Old Charter) and started a second mini-competition.

The Commissioner was looking to jazz things up and offered scenarios such as major tournaments, extra bonus points, etc. The group, afraid of change (not to mention their own shadows), settled on a press.

You can check out the unfinished standings here.

Why are they unfinished, you ask? I heard you ask. Well, the notes the Magic Man keeps on his blackberry went into the muck, so when he went to retrieve info about the Sept. 3 debacle, the notes had folded themselves. He’s working to recreate the game. And of course, if you want to see the original standings, you can go here.

Should be activity tonight at the Super V PokerDome, replete with Thursday Night Brownies.

Gary Robinson posted at 2009-9-17 Category: Poker

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