What a weird night

The night, which didn’t include the Silent Assassin (working) or Mr. ONEderful (in Florida on assignment), included a lot of other things.

A Thursday Night Investment Club first: Peel-Out's royal flush

A Thursday Night Investment Club first: Peel-Out's royal flush

For the fourth time in the chronicled history of the Thursday Night Investment Club, a player was eliminated on the first hand. Magic Man eliminated the leader, Hoot Vinson, when Vinson — using the first of his five scripted hands — tried to run a massive bluff that didn’t work against Magic Man’s full house.

At that point, Hoot began a campaign of rooting against the hard-charging Peel-Out Vinson, whose strong play had allowed him to creep within three points of the lead.

Peel-Out caught a major break in a hand against chip leader Magic Man. He flopped a straight and hit — wait for it, wait for it — a royal flush on the turn. Magic Man hit runner-runner cards for a full house, but it was far too little, far too late.

That left Magic Man on the verge of tilting and elimination, but he persevered, making it to the final heads-up battle with The Competitor. Magic Man was the dominant chip leader for a dozen or so hands, but was unable to finish the job — like in golf, he has no short game — and the pot was eventually split. They played one hand for the position and The Competitor took the honors.

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