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Third-quarter update: Who DID win it? (2010-9-28)

Fall Brawl, the season’s third major, started innocently and pleasantly enough, with burgers from the grill and all the trimmings at Chez Competitor. And with dinner came a crowd, clearly interested in just pulling up a chair and watching the third quarter of the Thursday Night Investment Club get decided. With dinner now behind them, [...]

Third-quarter update: Who can win it? (2010-9-27)

We take a quick look at the contenders and pretenders for the third-quarter title: ** COMPETITOR: He won the second quarter by finishing second in the major event, sliding past the Assassin, who went out first in a big upset. But in the third quarter, the Competitor lags behind with 34 points. A victory, worth [...]

Breaking the Investment Club into individual competition (2010-9-26)

As we head for the Fall Brawl, the third major of the year in the Thursday Night Investment Club, we have a new look for the standings (thanks to the Silent Assassin), a new look to the blog and a new blogging spirit (whatever that means). That means more posts, more stats and more analysis. [...]

I like to watch: A day spent watching TV and the laptop (2010-9-26)

I just gotta get a life. I spent the entire day today perched on the sofa, laptop at the ready, as I watched baseball on television and watched how it translated into fantasy goodness or badness. What was at stake was a spot in the Business Journalists Baseball League playoffs. In our head-to-head league, my [...]