Breaking the Investment Club into individual competition

As we head for the Fall Brawl, the third major of the year in the Thursday Night Investment Club, we have a new look for the standings (thanks to the Silent Assassin), a new look to the blog and a new blogging spirit (whatever that means).

That means more posts, more stats and more analysis.

Here, for instance, is a look at how each player has fared everyone else, in the context of one-on-one competition. In the table below, if you read across, you can tell the victories. If you read your name down, you read the losses. For instance, in the 40 games we’ve played, Andy has been in the game longer than Brian 14 times (find Andy on the left and look horizontally to the right). Brian has been in the game longer than Andy 26 times (find Andy on top and look down).

Player Andy Brian Comp Mike Gary
Andy 14 18 19 17
Brian 26 23 23 26
Competitor 22 17 24 20
Mike 21 17 16 18
Gary 23 14 20 22

The Fall Brawl takes place Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-9-26 Category: Poker

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