Third-quarter update: Who can win it?

We take a quick look at the contenders and pretenders for the third-quarter title:

** COMPETITOR: He won the second quarter by finishing second in the major event, sliding past the Assassin, who went out first in a big upset. But in the third quarter, the Competitor lags behind with 34 points. A victory, worth 14 points, would help him in the overall, but does nothing to get him to the top of the third quarter.

** ANDY: He’s 13 points behind the leader, but even if he won and Magic Man finished last, he’d still end up a point behind. The money would be nice and he’s on a roll after outplaying Magic head-to-head last week despite being hugely outchipped at the start of heads up.

** MIKE: Facilities director Hoot has a chance, albeit a small one. He must win the night and needs Magic to finish no better than fourth and Assassin no better than third.

** BRIAN: The reigning and defending overall champ also won the first quarter of 2010 and just missed winning quarter 2. He trails Magic by two points going into the Fall Brawl. If he wins the night, he wins the quarter. If he finishes second and beats Magic, he wins the quarter. If he finishes third and Magic finishes last, he wins the quarter. He has a lot of outs.

** GARY: After a breathtaking display of bad poker early — he finished out of the money nine consecutive times — he’s been playing his best poker of the year since June 1. In fact, his total of 79 points since June 1 is 13 points better than any other player. Still, he’s just clinging to a two-point lead over the ever-dangerous Assassin. If he beats Assassin in the Fall Brawl, he wins the quarter. For other possibilities, see the Assassin entry.

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-9-27 Category: Poker

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