Third-quarter update: Who DID win it?

Fall Brawl, the season’s third major, started innocently and pleasantly enough, with burgers from the grill and all the trimmings at Chez Competitor. And with dinner came a crowd, clearly interested in just pulling up a chair and watching the third quarter of the Thursday Night Investment Club get decided.

With dinner now behind them, the contestants gathered around the Competitors dining room table for the action, although the crowd seemed more interested in the wine in another room. Perhaps they were watching on closed circuit as the cheering grew louder through the night.

Two plot lines would be completed at Fall Brawl.

Plot Line No. 1: Who would win the third quarter title? Magic Man held a 2-point edge over the reigning and defending overall champ, the Silent Assassin. Within striking distance, if the moon and stars aligned just right, was Hoot, but he needed to win and have Magic and the Assassin finish well back.

Plot Line No. 2: Could anyone catch the Assassin in the Big Game, for the overall title? He held a 19-point edge over the Competitor, whose early gains had been damaged by a recent streak of poor finishes. The Assassin was quoted as saying we’d know a lot about the final outcome from the outcome of Fall Brawl.

How right he was.

We started with six, as Daniel “No Nickname Yet” Gafford joined us for the second straight game, accompanied by his sidekicks, Ginny and Nyla. Play was tight early, although Magic Man raked several early small pots to build most of a third stack.

It wasn’t until the third level — blinds at 3 and 6 — that we lost a player. The Assassin, fighting all night with good hole cards that didn’t match the flops, pushed all in and got a call from Hoot, who picked that time to reveal pocket Aces.

The departure of the assassinated Assassin drew a secret grin from Magic, who felt he was a step closer to winning the third quarter and its monetary reward. The grin lasted just a few hands until Magic misplayed his only hand of the night and lost his entire stack to Daniel’s heart flush. Stunned, Magic could only sit and watch the rest of the night play out.

It appeared that Peel-Out would be next to depart, but he slowly rebuilt and by the time Daniel was knocked out, the remaining chip stacks of the Competitor, Hoot and Peel-Out were about even. Play moved from 3-6 to 4-8 and a decisive hand came when Hoot and Peel-Out, father and son went at it with all Hoot’s chips on the line. Only a 10 could save Peel-Out on the River and that’s what the Competitor turned over. The card not only eliminated Hoot, it gave Magic Man the third quarter title.

Hoot slunk from the table in disbelief, leaving Peel-Out, holding a big edge, and the Competitor stacking their chips for head-to-head. And just like the previous week, when Peel-Out overcame a 9-1 chip deficit against Magic Man, Competitor came out on top, using the home-table advantage to its best possible outcome.

As for the second plot line, Competitor’s victory in a double-points game, closed the gap with the Assassin considerably. The lead is now 6 points with an entire quarter to play.

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-9-28 Category: Poker

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