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A thought about the playoffs, Thursday Night Investment Club style (2010-10-29)

If you look at the first round as the flop, and you look at the League Championship Series as the turn card, are we headed for Peel-Out getting beat on the river again???

Recap of Oct. 28 meeting (2010-10-29)

We’ll sum up the action of Oct. 28. My mother always taught me that if you have nothing good to say, you should say nothing at all. All you need to know can be found in the standings at the top of the page. So, on with the statistical notables you might (or might not) [...]

The week after a win (2010-10-28)

In our never-ending quest to bring you the complete statistical breakdown of the Thursday Night Investment Club, we spared no expense in an extensive study to determine which player plays the best the week after a victory. It should come as no surprise that the overall leader — and reigning and defending champion — tops [...]

Does the day of the week make a difference on the poker table? (2010-10-19)

Ever wonder if you play better poker on different days of the week? In our never-ending quest to add value to our unique statistical package, we at took a look at who does best on each day of the week. Since the Thursday Night Investment Club is all packed up and ready to head [...]

The walk of shame — last-place finishes (2010-10-17)

One key to advancement in the Thursday Night Investment Club is to avoid last-place finishes. Here are a few facts about last. ** Assassin, Competitor and Magic Man have the fewest last-place finishes with seven each. Hoot has finished last 10 times. Peel-Out has slunk from the table first 12 times. ** In the world [...]

Two games in the books: What have we learned? (2010-10-17)

Everybody has a win the two League Championship Series. What have we learned? ** The Rangers G-Robbed their chips away in Game 1. ** Ron Washington has no faith in the Texas bullpen. He used five pitchers in the eighth inning the other night as the Yankees came back to beat the Rangers. ** Roy [...]

Predicting the playoffs by the Investment Club (2010-10-15)

With the start of the playoffs literally moments away, the four “investors” in the Thursday Night Investment Club’s 2010 playoff baseball contest are confident they have the winning teams. Here’s what they’re saying, some of it rather personal, some of it rather brief: Peel-Out (picked the Rangers): The soon-to-be 2010 World Champion Texas Rangers will [...]

We celebrate Assassiversary (2010-10-12)

The second night of the fourth quarter was a back-and-forth affair. After the departure of Peel-Out at shortly after 7:30, the remaining quartet played more than an hour before anyone else walked the poker walk of shame. And when it happened, it happened with a bang. As the Silent Assassin, who had survived a massive [...]

It’s not poker, but it’s still a competition (2010-10-11)

OK, the deal is this. Everyone in the Thursday Night Investment Club picked their favorite baseball team — well, some did, more on that later — and threw a few bucks in for a winner-take-all contest on the playoffs. Some of the picks made a lot of sense. For instance, the Assassin has long been [...] EXCLUSIVE: Records in heads-up play (2010-10-6)

Based on a study commissioned by the Bland Corp., and sponsored by the website, we are about to unveil the results of all heads-up play in 2010 in the Thursday Night Investment Club. The study took a LONG time — the extra 10 minutes almost made me late for work today — and is [...]