G-Rob.com EXCLUSIVE: Records in heads-up play

Based on a study commissioned by the Bland Corp., and sponsored by the website RealBravesFansAreScaredToBetOnTheirTeam.com, we are about to unveil the results of all heads-up play in 2010 in the Thursday Night Investment Club.

The study took a LONG time — the extra 10 minutes almost made me late for work today — and is an exhaustive look into the head-to-head dynamic.

There are 10 possible head-to-head matchups. Statistically, in 42 weeks, each matchup should have happened about four times. But reality is different. The Peel-Out vs. Hoot match has never been played heads-up in 2010. Every other possibility has been played at least twice.

Here, based on best percentages, are the standings of heads-up:

1. Competitor 3, Peel-Out 0
2. Assassin 7, Magic Man 1
3. Hoot 5, Assassin 1
4. Peel-Out 4, Magic Man 1
5. Competitor 4, Hoot 2
6 (tie). Peel-Out 2, Assassin 1
6 (tie). Magic Man 2, Competitor 1
8. Assassin 3, Competitor 3
9. Hoot 1, Magic Man 1
10. Peel-Out has not played Hoot

The Thursday Night Brownies are undefeated, although the three-egg brownies seem to be the preferred recipe.

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-10-6 Category: Poker

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