It’s not poker, but it’s still a competition

OK, the deal is this. Everyone in the Thursday Night Investment Club picked their favorite baseball team — well, some did, more on that later — and threw a few bucks in for a winner-take-all contest on the playoffs.

Some of the picks made a lot of sense. For instance, the Assassin has long been a Yankees fan. The defending champ picked the defending champions. Magic Man has been a Phillies fan since the team lost a major-league record 23 in a row in 1961. The third-quarter champ took the Phillies.

The Competitor has become a San Francisco Giants fan in recent years. He’s all over those Giants.

Peel-Out, unfortunately, is a fan of the Cardinals, who folded down the stretch as quickly as Peel-Out with 7-2 unsuited, although not at stylishly as the famed Peel-Out card flip. But being a player, he wanted in, so we gave him his choice of all teams left and he grabbed Texas.

Hoot loves his Atlanta Braves, so of course, he took … Tampa Bay? Hoot pleaded his case that his team was so beset with injuries that he couldn’t be expected to pick them. The rest of the group took immediate pity (writer’s embellishment) and cheerfully (and without any pushback whatsoever) let Hoot select the Rays. He is forever precluded from openly cheering for the Braves, however.

With that as a preamble, here’s an update as we await Game 4 of the San Francisco-Atlanta tonight and Game 5 of Tampa Bay-Texas on Tuesday:

Yankees advance by sweeping Twins.

Phillies advance by sweeping Reds.

Giants are one up on Braves.

Rays and Rangers go to the deciding Game 5 Tuesday and either Hoot or Peel-Out will be, well, out.

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-10-11 Category: Poker

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