Predicting the playoffs by the Investment Club

With the start of the playoffs literally moments away, the four “investors” in the Thursday Night Investment Club’s 2010 playoff baseball contest are confident they have the winning teams.

Here’s what they’re saying, some of it rather personal, some of it rather brief:

Peel-Out (picked the Rangers): The soon-to-be 2010 World Champion Texas Rangers will win the World Series because my luck gambling with you jerks has to turn at some point. That’s really it … the players will have no effect on the outcome whatsoever.

It’s at the point where, if I have another “only two cards in the deck can beat you …… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!” exit, I’m going on a 4-state killing spree. Perhaps playoff baseball is the appropriate vessel for me to take your money. It certainly hasn’t been poker. The law of averages dictates that I will win this baseball wager….and win it easily.

Prediction: Rangers win ALCS 4-0 as naive Yankees fans realize Derek Jeter isn’t good anymore just before he’s resigned to a $98 million deal in the offseason; Phils oust the overachieving and Tom Sellick-managed Giants in the NLCS 4-3; Rangers sweep Phils in WS after Halladay blows out his elbow pitching his 4th consecutive no-hitter in NLCS game 7. I then promptly redistribute my $40 winnings right back into your pockets with consecutive 5th place poker finishes the following two weeks. BOOK IT!

Silent Assassin (Yankees), a man who apparently knows few words and uses them sparingly: They are the New York Freakin Yankees…. Nuff said.

Magic Man (Phillies): I’m never one to brag about my team, my poker playing, my golf or anything. And growing up near Philadelphia, there’s enough disappointment on my rooting resume to keep a suicide hotline busy for years (Eagles’ last title, 1960; Flyers’ last title, 1974; Sixers’ last title, 1983). But, having said that, these Phillies are good!

I’ve looked at the Phillies-Giants matchup from a positional standpoint. Granted, the games are played on the field, not on paper, but of the eight starting positions, I wouldn’t trade any Phillie straight up for any Giant with the possible exception at catcher, where I really like Buster Posey. But I don’t like him enough to trade Chooch Ruiz and another Phillie position player to the Giants for Posey and another position player.

And on the mound, Halladay-Lincecum in Game 1 is being heralded as the best first-game pitching matchup since Bob Gibson and his 1.12 ERA took the mound in 1968 against Detroit’s Denny McLain, he of the 31-win season. The Giants’ trio of Lincecum, Sanchez and Houston High’s own Matt Cain are terrific. But I think most would pick the H2O combo of Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels. And so would I. At the end of the game, Brad Lidge has found his command and his slider and rates a bit higher than Brian Wilson, who is a good pitcher, but a better singer/songwriter some decades back.

My picks: Phillies in 5, Yankees in 6. Phillies over the New York Freakin Yankees in a great seven-game series. And everybody pays the Magic Man.

We await the prediction of the Competitor. Watch this space for an update. Why, here he is now:

Competitor (Giants): Why the Giants will win the NLCS:

Think about if for just one minute…….they’re GIANTS. GIANTS are big and strong and they win fights (Well, maybe not all of them but a lot of them (see 1 Samuel 17)). And, although I have to admit their heads are not nearly as big as past GIANTS, and they certainly hit fewer home runs than past GIANTS…the fact is they’re still GIANTS. For goodness sake, Phillies are “girl” horses……GIANTS are GIANTS! But, I digress….

The real reason the GIANTS will advance to the World Series is because of their superior bullpen. Here’s the straight scoop:

Starting pitching edge (by a nose) GIANTS
Offense…..edge, by a head….Phillies
Defense photo finish (no clear winner)
Bullpen…edge, by a length….GIANTS

No doubt, my superior intellect will be validated by my pick….Giants win series 4-2!

As for the “junior circuit” the truth is I don’t care. It’s not even real baseball. But, as I write this the Rangers are ahead 3-0 in the 4th inning of game one. I think its abundantly clear the Rangers will win their “side-light” series in 7 games.

Gentlemen, let the games begin!

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