The walk of shame — last-place finishes

One key to advancement in the Thursday Night Investment Club is to avoid last-place finishes. Here are a few facts about last.

** Assassin, Competitor and Magic Man have the fewest last-place finishes with seven each. Hoot has finished last 10 times. Peel-Out has slunk from the table first 12 times.

** In the world of streaks, Peel-Out finished last three weeks in a row. Assassin, Hoot and Magic have been last twice in a row. Only the Competitor has avoided it, but he went through a fifth-fourth-fifth streak that did him no good.

** Most consecutive starts without finishing last: Peel-Out, 11 (which includes a streak of five straight third-place finishes); Assassin, 15; Competitor, 8; Hoot, 8; Magic Man, 21 (current).

** Worst four-game stretch: Peel-Out, 5 points; Assassin, 11; Competitor, 7; Hoot, 6; Magic Man, 6.

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-10-17 Category: Poker

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