Two games in the books: What have we learned?

Everybody has a win the two League Championship Series. What have we learned?

** The Rangers G-Robbed their chips away in Game 1.

** Ron Washington has no faith in the Texas bullpen. He used five pitchers in the eighth inning the other night as the Yankees came back to beat the Rangers.

** Roy Halladay is hittable, after all.

** When Jonathan Sanchez is wild (see Inning No. 1), he’s VERY wild. But he has incredible stuff.

** As anticipated as the Halladay-Lincecum pairing was, how about Cliff Lee vs. Andy Pettitte?

** Man, the Rangers hit the ball hard.

** Tim Lincecum is going to be a terrific pitcher — until his arm falls off.

** Roy Oswalt was well worth the money.

** Josh Hamilton can hit homers when the ball doesn’t go more than 10 feet off the ground.

** Can Jorge Posada throw anyone out?

** And finally, Cody Ross??????

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-10-17 Category: Poker

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