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Fourth quarter begins; Assassin wins (2010-10-5)

So much for trends, huh? We previewed trends leading into the fourth quarter and they got blown up. Among them: ** The best player the past month, Peel-Out, finished fourth. ** The worst player the past month, the Silent Assassin won. ** The player with the best record in the week following a major, Peel-Out, [...]

The fourth quarter starts: What are the trends? (2010-10-5)

As we enter the fourth quarter of the Thursday/Tuesday/sometimes Monday or Wednesday or Friday Investment Club, let’s look at trends: If we look at the last four weeks, the points look like this: Peel-Out 22 Magic Man 21 Competitor 18 Hoot 15 Assassin 14 Who has done the best in the first game AFTER a [...]