He who g-robs his chips last usually wins

The Silent Assassin, reigning and defending Thursday Night Investment Club champion, increased his lead over the second-place Competitor to 14 points Wednesday night, as he closes in on his second straight title.

Should the Assassin win the championship this year, it would mark the first time in the long and storied history of the TNIC that we’ve celebrated back-to-back champions.

The Assassin has put together an impressive fourth quarter, as well, and is well on track toward winning his second quarterly prize of 2010.

In the actual action of the evening, the players took turns gathering and then quickly expending their chips. First to do so was Peel-Out, who was rolling along until his three deuces with a king kicker was trumped by Magic Man’s three deuces with an ace kicker. Not long after that, Peel-Out bid farewell.

Next up was the Competitor, who can ill-afford to stumble. The Competitor went from chip leader to the short stack and then to the rail in the matter of a few scant hands.

That left the Assassin, Hoot and Magic. Several good wins put Magic in the chip lead, but the man who trademarked the G-Rob effect managed to donate his chips to the stacks of others.

Hoot entered heads-up with a strong lead, but by the end, he settled for second place. Rooting for the Assassin is like rooting for U.S. Steel, but he walked away the big winner again.

Other notables:

** Peel-Out’s last-place finish was his league-leading 14th of the season.

** Hoot has outscored Magic, 15-7, the past three weeks and is now tied for third with MM in the battle for the best have-not.

** Hoot and Peel-Out each have a combined 22 finishes of fourth or fifth. Magic has 20, Competitor 19, Assassin only 11.

** Magic has gone nine straight weeks without a victory.

** Magic has gone 24 straight weeks without finishing last.

** Peel-Out’s early demise means he’s finished last at least three times each quarter.

** Most last-place finishes in a quarter is four, accomplished several times this year.

** Only three points separates the Competitor, Magic, Hoot and Peel-Out in fourth-quarter standings, but the Assassin has a 12-point lead.

** As a group, we’ve missed just four games of a possible 235 (47 games times five players).

** In the past five weeks, Hoot has finished in each position once.

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-11-11 Category: Poker

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