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Year 2 is in the books; looked a lot like Year 1 (2010-12-24)

Famous boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer would announce the decision this way: “… for the winner by knockout and STILLLLLLLL champion, the SIlent AssASSSSSSSSin.” For the second year in a row, Thursday Night Investment Club officials handed the award of Player of the Year to the Assassin, who, unlike 2009, didn’t have to wait until [...]

End of the year, battle for top spot grow closer (2010-12-3)

With just a few battles yet to be fought in the 2010 Thursday Night Investment Club, the first December encounter showed that we’re not quite ready yet to plan a coronation for the reigning and defending champion. A nearly three-hour game Dec. 2 concluded when the Competitor outdrew Magic Man in a one-hand playoff after [...]