Year 2 is in the books; looked a lot like Year 1


Famous boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer would announce the decision this way:

“… for the winner by knockout and STILLLLLLLL champion, the SIlent AssASSSSSSSSin.”

For the second year in a row, Thursday Night Investment Club officials handed the award of Player of the Year to the Assassin, who, unlike 2009, didn’t have to wait until the final game to count the cash.

A first place finish in the penultimate game assured the champ of a repeat, despite a strong finish by The Competitor. And befitting the man accused of always getting the cards, the Assassin won the heads-up with The Competitor by sporting pockets Aces in the final hand.

And since the final week of 2010 will be so busy for all, the members voted to play the final game — the Winter Major — the same night. That game went to Magic Man, who split the pot with The Competitor, and won the sudden-death tiebreaker.

We’ll start fresh in 2011, with some new rules, new enthusiasm and the same cast of characters.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Gary Robinson posted at 2010-12-24 Category: Poker

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