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Housekeeping matters (2012-4-30)

Guys, three things today: ** A reminder: Our official media of record for transactions is You can see all current transactions by going to, then mousing over PLAYERS and choosing Transactions. A lot of times, we’ll see reports that such-and-such is getting called up. But you can’t bid on a minor-league recall until [...]

Getting depressed looking at ownership percentages (2012-4-29)

So I went to my Crusoes roster this morning, depressed at all the disabled list and injury activity lately. It’s a hefty list: Huff (DL, anxiety) McCann (day-to-day, side) Tracy (day-to-day, hit on hand) JHairston (day-to-day, hand) Hermida (DL, hip) Clevenger (DL, the dreaded oblique) Hudson (DL, shoulder) De La Rosa (DL, elbow) As I’m [...]

Surprises, good and bad (2012-4-27)

Not every player on a team will get hot or go cold at the same time. Each roster has some good surprises and some not-so-good. Let’s take a quick run around the league to see who’s hot and who’s not. For each team, we’ll identify a pleasant surprise and a disappointment. Feel free to chime [...]

Big ownership news! (2012-4-27)

We interrupt this regularly scheduled baseball blog to make a major announcement. Memphis Deadbirds owner Andy Vinson announced late this afternoon that he has asked Elizabeth Frey to marry him and she has accepted. This is not a random act. He didn’t walk up to a stranger and pop the question; Andy and Elizabeth have [...]

For the defense: Suspects’ owner Justin Kreis (2012-4-26)

The first trade of the season brought several thoughts from around the league. Here for the defense, Justin Kreis: Judging by the quotes from other owners in the article about the trade between Kerry and myself, I sense that the general feeling is that I got taken to the woodshed by Kerry. I thought that [...]

How important is versatility? (2012-4-26)

As I had to do a little lineup shuffling with the emotional disabling of Aubrey Huff, I realized that the Crusoes’ roster was remarkably versatile from a position standpoint, if not particularly effective from a statistical one. For example: I have three players who qualify at catcher (this is obviously different from having three quality [...]

First FA pickup draws laughs (2012-4-25)

After a slow start because the commissioner forgot to get the free agent market going, CDRL had its first official move: the Crusoes dropped Edgmer Escalona (P, COL) and acquired ARI pitcher Wade Miley for $7 (remember, owners, minimum bid is $5 and YOU MUST DROP AN ACTIVE PLAYER to pick up a free agent). [...]

Constructing your team: how one owner does it (2012-4-24)

We all go into the auction looking for certain skill sets. In some cases, we look for certain players. I mentioned in a previous post that as the auction unfolded, I started setting my sites on Andre Ethier, but dropped out of the bidding in the low $30s. Veteran owner of Memphis MOJO, Dave Smith, [...]

The trade mart is officially open (2012-4-22)

As Bruce Buffer says before the start of big UFC matches, “It’s TIME.” In this case, it’s time for trading to begin in CDRL and to no one’s surprise, the four-time defending champion Collierville Kings took the gift wrap off the season by making a deal with the Usual Suspects, sending Drew Storen ($20, 2-year [...]

A couple more looks at the auction (2012-4-19)

The call for auction reviews has brought home two so far. Defending defending defending defending champion Kerry Sewell isn’t convinced he can get to five straight. But let him tell it. I can’t see myself winning this year, so I went into it with rebuilding in mind. Liked LaHair, Quentin and Chapman. Overall disappointed in [...]