A couple more looks at the auction

The call for auction reviews has brought home two so far.

Defending defending defending defending champion Kerry Sewell isn’t convinced he can get to five straight. But let him tell it.

I can’t see myself winning this year, so I went into it with rebuilding in mind. Liked LaHair, Quentin and Chapman. Overall disappointed in my draft(mostly because Ian Stewart is no longer a King). Considering I didn’t pick
until last in round 2, I felt like I had a great reserve draft. I have some solid starters and closers with which to rebuild and look forward to the complete overhaul of my roster prior to season’s end.

And the head Suspect, Justin Kreis, was frustrated by not being able to find a closer.

I knew going in that I was in for an uphill battle this year. With so many of my keepers a year away, I decided that I would try and target people that could help long-term. With that being said, I by no means wanted to punt this year and went in with a plan. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have had the same plan.

Hitting was expensive. I splurged on David Wright because this may have been my last chance to have him on my team while he is a Met. My biggest mistake was sticking hard to the $21 I had allocated for a closer. Several went in range of $21-25 and in the end I was left with no closer and $10 left over at the end of the auction. Not the best case scenario.

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-4-19 Category: Baseball

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