Constructing your team: how one owner does it

We all go into the auction looking for certain skill sets. In some cases, we look for certain players. I mentioned in a previous post that as the auction unfolded, I started setting my sites on Andre Ethier, but dropped out of the bidding in the low $30s.

Veteran owner of Memphis MOJO, Dave Smith, has some thoughts about in-auction roster construction. It’s good stuff, so enjoy.

At drafts, I try to get players I like. There’s nothing worse that being stuck with a player you really didn’t want, then watching them suck.

Two players I ended up with this year were James Loney and Jason Bay. I don’t hate either one, but it’s safe to say they weren’t who I was targeting. Drafts are peculiar things, however, because sometimes you have to take what’s given to you.

A player I would have liked to get was David Wright. What’s not to like (Editor’s note: other than the hulking presence of Mets fan Justin Kreis, with plenty of money and a tattoo of Mr. Met on his arm)? He has power, speed and hits for average. He’s in his prime. His numbers were down last year, but he was injured. Now he’s good to go.

Our web site has these projections for Wright:
HR = 23, RBI = 97, SB = 16, AVG = 276

These are nice numbers, wouldn’t you agree?

Now look at these numbers:
HR = 33, RBI = 137, SB = 15, AVG = 265

Which player do you prefer? Most would prefer the second player, although it’s close (batting average is harder to evaluate than counting stats).

David Wright cost $38 at the draft. The second “player” is Bay and Loney combined. Together they cost, you guessed it, $38.

Thanks, Dave. Good stuff!!

I really hate getting players I dislike in the auction. It’s brutal when you’re looking to fill stats categories at the auction and you realize the only player who might be of any help is someone like Alfonso Soriano. Ugghh.

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