How important is versatility?

As I had to do a little lineup shuffling with the emotional disabling of Aubrey Huff, I realized that the Crusoes’ roster was remarkably versatile from a position standpoint, if not particularly effective from a statistical one.

For example: I have three players who qualify at catcher (this is obviously different from having three quality catchers). Five Crusoes can play first. Six can play second. Shortstop has four options. Third base has a half-dozen alternatives. And in the outfield, 10 guys can patrol the garden. All this from an offensive roster of 20 available players.

I didn’t necessarily set out to do that. More to the point, I pretty much stumbled into it in my hapless auction efforts.

As owners, how important is player versatility to you? Do you set out to buy players who can play more than one spot?

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-4-26 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1David Memphis MOJO Smith @ 2012-4-26 17:25 Reply

    At the auction, I went a little extra on Cuddyer. Part of the reason was he can play 1B and OF. Versatility can’t hurt.

  2. #2Justin Kreis @ 2012-4-27 08:02 Reply

    I look at it more when it comes time to fill out the last few slots on my roster and my bench. In the reserve draft I targeted guys that had multiple eligibility so they could fill in when someone goes down. It depends on the positions too. If someone has catcher eligibility, that is obviously a bigger deal than all of the 1b/OF types out there.

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