Surprises, good and bad

Not every player on a team will get hot or go cold at the same time. Each roster has some good surprises and some not-so-good.

Let’s take a quick run around the league to see who’s hot and who’s not. For each team, we’ll identify a pleasant surprise and a disappointment. Feel free to chime in with a comment if you see others on your roster who fit the bill:

BAKES MCBRIDES: Brandon Beachy has anchored the pitching staff, garnering two victories and pitching to an ERA of 1.05 and a WHIP of 0.97. On the flip side, Ryan Zimmerman is off to a .224 start with 1 homer and now is on the DL.

CARMINE HOSE: Can anyone suggest someone other than Matt Kemp? Didn’t think so. If you pay NO attention, he’s at .449/10/23/1. Goodness. Mat Latos hasn’t exactly done what the Hose expected, getting lit up to the tune of a 5.6 ERA and a WHIP of more than 1.5.

CRUSOES: The Robinsonville crowd will no doubt shed a tear when the Astros move out of the league, but they are enjoying watching the little dynamo, Jose Altuve, who checks in at .376, a little pop and four steals. But the Crusoes remain concerned about the power outage called Giancarlo Stanton. No homers? Whazzup with that?

HAMM’S BEARS: Lance Lynn has been spectacular, with four victories, a 1.33 ERA and a WHIP of 0.8. Cameron Maybin has not been spectacular, or even acceptable. He is hitting a buck-76.

JROCK: Rudderless, JRock still has five homers from Omar Infante, but Tim Lincecum remains a mystery, allowing almost an earned run per inning (8.19 ERA).

MEMPHIS DEADBIRDS: A notorious slow starter, Adam LaRoche is banging it at .323 with 14 RBI. The other first sacker, Gabby Sanchez, shows little power (1 HR) and an average to worry about (.225).

MEMPHIS KINGS: The four-time defending champs are getting way more than they expected from Bryan LaHair (.363/4/11), but Jimmy Rollins is sinking fast (.228/0/3/4).

MEMPHIS MOJO: Corey Hart has been solid with six homers and 13 RBI to put the bow around a .305 BA. Mojo boss Dave Smith would like to use that bow to strangle Adam Wainwright, whose ERA of 7.32 shows the rust of a missed 2011.

MIDTOWN KNIGHTS: While Dee Gordon’s BA is under .240, he’s lighting up the basepaths with 10 steals. Another speedster, Jose Reyes, is barely above the Mendoza line at .205 and Ike Davis is way below at .132.

THE FLASH: During the reserve draft, the Flash pick of Kirk Nieuwenheis was criticized by another owner. Now Nieuwenheis is up and batting .333 with a couple homers. And don’t forget Juan Pierre’s .339 BA. Sean Marshall was NOT criticized when he was bought. Flash ownership is doing it now, staring at an ERA north of 6.

THE KEYNESIANS: The early league leaders are playing well. Carlos Gomez has helped that with a .371 BA and five steals. The economists are having trouble behind the plate. Rod Barajas is hitting .122; Geovany Soto is better, all the way up to .140.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Head Suspect Justin Kreis wanted one last shot to own David Wright as a Met. That desire is being rewarded handsomely with a .362 average and 10 RBI. But not among the plush surprises is Nyjer Morgan, who is under .170 with only a couple of steals.

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