Getting depressed looking at ownership percentages

So I went to my Crusoes roster this morning, depressed at all the disabled list and injury activity lately. It’s a hefty list:

Huff (DL, anxiety)
McCann (day-to-day, side)
Tracy (day-to-day, hit on hand)
JHairston (day-to-day, hand)
Hermida (DL, hip)
Clevenger (DL, the dreaded oblique)
Hudson (DL, shoulder)
De La Rosa (DL, elbow)

As I’m contemplating life in the CDRL second division, I take a look at ownership percentages of my players. Now I realize that most leagues are National AND American League mixes, but still. This is truly depressing. From my starting lineup:

Chad Tracy, owned by 0%. What? *I* own him!

Jerry Hairston, 1%.

Daniel Descalso, 2%

Justin Maxwell, 0%

Steve Cishek, 4%

Rafael Dolis, 1% (must have been the Friday save he got)

Wilton Lopez, 2%

That’s 28% of my starting lineup owned by 4% or fewer of all owners.


Here are the other teams and their starting players with less than 5% ownership:

McBrides, 7

Hose, 7 (James, your lineup needs adjusting. You are an active man short.)

Bears, 5

JRock, 5

Deadbirds, 7 (Andy, you have two active guys who are on the DL.)

Kings, 8 (Kerry, you have a DL pitcher and a pitcher in the minors on your active roster.)

Mojo, 2

Knights, 5 (Craig, you have a DL player active AND one too many active players.)

Flash, 2 (Brad, you have a DL pitcher active.)

Keynesians, 2 (Dave, you have a DL player active.)

Suspects, 6 (Justin, you have a DL pitcher and a pitcher in the minors active.)

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-4-29 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1David Memphis MOJO Smith @ 2012-4-29 12:12 Reply

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

  2. #2Justin Kreis @ 2012-4-30 07:38 Reply

    Yes, I am aware of my pitching problems. I am just going to ride it out until Harvey and/or Skaggs gets the call. All of my bench pitchers are in the minors and I don’t want to drop Storen or Brach.

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