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Guys, three things today:

** A reminder: Our official media of record for transactions is You can see all current transactions by going to, then mousing over PLAYERS and choosing Transactions. A lot of times, we’ll see reports that such-and-such is getting called up. But you can’t bid on a minor-league recall until the transaction shows on With that in mind, Patrick Corbin, P, ARI is available for bid tonight. It was widely reported that the D-Backs were going to call him up and start him tonight. But the actual call-up didn’t happen until today, so he’s not eligible to be picked up until tonight.

** A couple of you responded to a recent blogpost in which I mentioned active-roster players who were either on the DL or had been sent to the minors. I only did that to let the owner know in case he wanted to make a change. You can keep DL players or players sent to the minors on your active roster, if you so choose. What I’m trying to guard against is getting to the end of the season and having a team not meet minimum at-bat or innings-pitched requirements. That results in penalties for the team. If you don’t meet minimum at-bats for your team (4,250) for the season, you drop in batting average from wherever you are to last. If you don’t meet minimum innings (900), you drop in ERA AND WHIP from wherever you are to last. In another league, this happened to one team in 2010, causing an overall points change that affected the eventual champion. The following year, it happened to two teams, causing a reordering of the overall standings.

The intent of the rule, put in by the Rotisserie founding fathers, was to keep an owner from trying to minimize damage in the qualitative categories. That wasn’t the case in either situation in the other league, but it had major impact, nonetheless.

It’s early so no one is in any kind of danger, but I’ll try to keep an eye out if a player on an active roster is no longer playing and send reminders. (And James and Craig, please take a look at your rosters!)

** On players moving out of the league (the Marlon Byrd rule): When a player on your 40-man roster is traded to the American League or are waived by their N.L. team and picked up by an A.L. team, I’d like to put a 7-day window on you making a move with him. I will immediately credit your FAAB account (you get his salary added to your FAAB account), but you get 7 days to do something with that player. That means, if he’s active, you can drop him and pick up a free agent. If he’s on your reserve roster, you have 7 days to make a waiver move, using him as your dropped player. After 7 days, I will just remove the player from your roster and you won’t have that bit of flexibility when it comes to roster changes.

Any questions, please ask.

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-4-30 Category: Baseball

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