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How’s this for an odd stat? (2012-5-30)

According to, which is a cool site if you’re into things baseball, the Cubs’ (and Hamm’s Bears’) Starlin Castro is on pace for a dubious distinction. At the moment, Castro has more caught stealings than walks. He has walked four times in 211 plate appearances (his 1.9% walk rate is second only to Clint [...]

Housekeeping (2012-5-26)

Guys, I went through everybody’s roster and no one is in any danger of falling below the innings pitched or at bats limit. I’m going to try to make periodic checks so owners can make in-season corrections before there’s a problem. And a reminder: If you’re in negotiation to make a deal with Kerry … [...]

Things I hate to hear (2012-5-25)

In the tradition of David Letterman’s Top 10 lists, here are 10 things I HATE to hear: 10. “We cook our fries in peanut oil.” (NOTE: I’m allergic to all things peanut.) 9. “You’ve got a king-high flush? I’ve got an ace-high flush.” 8. “Instead of baseball, I thought we could watch the Harry Potter [...]

Keeping it in reserve (2012-5-15)

Several reserve draft strategies exist. You have the “Get as many big-time prospects as you can” ploy. There’s the “Get as many active major leaguers as you can” gambit. And there are various combinations of the two. The idea, of course, is to find players who will be serviceable on your roster this year, players [...]

Who would you take to start a team? (2012-5-12)

I’ve had this idea running around my brain for a few days and thought I would write about it. If you could start a fantasy team with anyone, past or present, who would it be? Would you go for a big bopper? A speedster? How about a closer or a starting pitcher? So let me [...]

Anybody working on trades? (2012-5-11)

We are in the midst of a trade drought, fellow citizens. As this is written on May 11, we’ve had exactly one trade (Suspects/Kings involving Matt Holliday, Jonny Venters, Drew Storen and Clint Barmes) since the auction. In recent history, this is unprecedented. Check it out: ** In 2011, there were six trades made by [...]

Can you save money on closers? (2012-5-6)

One of the best players to grace the Craig Davis Rotisserie League’s ownership roll once schooled me on closers. “You can find saves all season long if you just pay attention,” he said. This owner, who is still active in CDRL, was wise. Six N.L. teams now close with guys they weren’t expecting to use [...]

Transactional comments (2012-5-1)

When you’ve won the league four years in a row, you have to expect some slings and arrows from, shall we say, observers when you make moves. The four-time (four-time, four-time, four-time) defending champion Kings made a couple free-agent pickups this week. In one, they dropped Rhiner Cruz to pick up Ramon Ramirez (NYM, RP) [...]