Anybody working on trades?

We are in the midst of a trade drought, fellow citizens. As this is written on May 11, we’ve had exactly one trade (Suspects/Kings involving Matt Holliday, Jonny Venters, Drew Storen and Clint Barmes) since the auction.

In recent history, this is unprecedented. Check it out:

** In 2011, there were six trades made by May 11.

** In 2010, there were nine.

(Bloggus interruptus: In 2010, this trade actually occurred: The Kings sent Chad Qualls to Mojo for Freddie Freeman, Craig Kimbrel and Logan Morrison. Would be interesting to hear the thoughts of the participants on how that happened.)

** In 2009, seven deals were swung by May 11.

** In 2008, four deals went down, although none happened in April.

** In 2007, nine deals occurred.

Here are five reasons for the slowdown (Letterman style):

5. The league is balanced and nobody is ready to throw in the towel to start rebuilding.

4. Nobody has a good feel for where they are going.

3. One word: Collusion.

2. JRock isn’t returning calls.

1. Kerry is on a business trip to build a carwash … on the moon. No cell service up there.

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Gary Robinson posted at 2012-5-11 Category: Baseball

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