Things I hate to hear

In the tradition of David Letterman’s Top 10 lists, here are 10 things I HATE to hear:

10. “We cook our fries in peanut oil.” (NOTE: I’m allergic to all things peanut.)

9. “You’ve got a king-high flush? I’ve got an ace-high flush.”

8. “Instead of baseball, I thought we could watch the Harry Potter marathon.”

7. “Just to be sure, let’s do another biopsy.”

6. KA-THUNK, KA THUNK, KA THUNK (flat tire)

5. Wet dogs (oh, wait, that’s under 10 things I hate to SMELL).

4. “You’re still away.”

3. “It’ll be two weeks before we can get a service representative out to your house.”

2. “Please close your eyes and touch your nose.”

And the Number 1 thing I hate to hear: “Kerry Sewell has made another trade.”

Guys, it looks like the four-time defending champion Memphis Kings have decided to give it another go. History will show that the first move on the way to the unprecedented fifth title came Friday when he sent a package of prospects, including St. Louis outfield star-in-waiting Oscar Taveras, to the Memphis Deadbirds for Roy Halladay, Adam LaRoche and Melky Cabrera.

It’s going to be an interesting ride. As this blog is created (“created” is giving this blog a lot more credit than it deserves), the Kings are in eighth place, 27 points out of first.

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-5-25 Category: Baseball

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