I went through everybody’s roster and no one is in any danger of falling below the innings pitched or at bats limit. I’m going to try to make periodic checks so owners can make in-season corrections before there’s a problem.

And a reminder: If you’re in negotiation to make a deal with Kerry … I mean, with another owner, you must make sure that your roster is going to be legal when the trade is completed. If the trade puts you in position where you can’t make your roster legal, you’ve got a day to fix it or the trade will have to be reversed. You can make roster changes through waiver pickups (if your roster is short of its 40-man maximum and another owner drops a player who is eligible), through free agent claim (remember, you MUST drop an active player to pick up a free agent, so this is a bit more problematic in fixing an illegal roster), or through another trade.

You just need to be already working on making things legal if you make a trade that unbalances your roster. If I message you after a trade that leaves you illegal, be ready to tell me what you’re doing to rectify it.

One more reminder: If you’re going to pick up a free agent and you move a player up to your active roster from the reserve roster, that player MUST be eligible to be activated. You can’t call up a player from reserve who is in the minors or on the disabled list.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-5-26 Category: Baseball

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