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Another view of trades (2012-6-12)

Today, we have a guest contributor, a well-respected CDRL owner (aren’t they all?), who writes about trades in the league: As we approach the middle of June, there have been 12 trades thus far in the CDRL. The Kings of Kerry Sewell have been involved in 4 of them. That means that 33% of league [...]

Wow, what a trade (2012-6-5)

No, we’re not talking about a Memphis Kings enterprise. If you go to a player page on the Craig Davis Rotisserie League, among the things you will see is a list of trades involving that player across the spectrum of leagues. I saw this today and thought I had to pass it on. I [...]

Trades abound (2012-6-2)

Remember my post awhile back about the lack of trades? Disregard. Owners have pulled off four trades in the past eight days and one of them has history written all over it. For possibly the first time in league history, two chess pieces swapped assets. And it was a biggie: The kings of CDRL, the [...]