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Today, we have a guest contributor, a well-respected CDRL owner (aren’t they all?), who writes about trades in the league:

As we approach the middle of June, there have been 12 trades thus far in the CDRL. The Kings of Kerry Sewell have been involved in 4 of them. That means that 33% of league trades have seen Mr. Sewell as a participant. That seems like a lot, but Justin Kreis, owner of The Usual Suspects, has been involved in 6 trades thus far (50% for those scoring at home).

Kreis started dealing early, completing pre-season trades with both Craig Patterson of the Midtown Knights as well as Gary Robinson of the Crusoes of Robinsonville. Since the start of the season Mr. Kreis has continued to deal, striking the first trade after the auction with Mr. Sewell and the Kings. The Suspects then reached an agreement with David Flaum and The Keynesians once Lance Berkman went down. Andy Vinson was the next trading partner with a minor deal that Mr. Vinson needed to make to keep his roster legal after a trade with (who else?) Mr. Sewell. Finally Kreis recently completed a deal with Brad McKinney and The Flash. To date Mr. Kreis has traded with six of ten potential trade partners (with J-Rock being league owned, no trading is allowed with that franchise). Kreis has yet to complete a trade with Hamm’s Bears, Memphis Mojo, Bake’s McBrides, or the Carmine Hose. Will Mr. Kreis be able to pull off a trade with every potential partner in the league? Should Mr. Kreis perhaps re-evaluate the criteria for winning the league championship? Time will tell.

It is worth noting that while the Usual Suspects do boast the largest number of trading partners, Mr. Sewell is still the King when it comes to bulk. While 20 players have swapped hands in deals made by the Suspects a whopping 28 players have been moved in the 4 trades in which the Kings were involved.

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Gary Robinson posted at 2012-6-12 Category: Baseball

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