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As Vin Scully would say: Hello, everybody, and a very pleasant Sunday afternoon to you, wherever you may be …

Sorry for the delay in posts, but between being crazy busy at work and seeing my first grandchild come into the world (no, he’s not ready to take over the JRock franchise yet), the blog has fallen behind. But what the heck, let’s go again.

We’ve reached the second half of the CDRL season and a spirited race has commenced. Three teams are within eight points of the top spot and eight teams have a realistic chance of finishing in the top five — and hence, in the money.

We’ve also reached the time when National League trades begin having a profound effect on our teams. It’s a time of hope and a time to keep watch over our FAAB bucks, just in case that game changer comes bouncing into the N.L. and thus into our grasp.

With that in mind, I thought I’d throw open a pair of questions. If you’ll e-mail me your answers, I’ll post a big list in a few days. (I tried this before on another topic and didn’t get much response. Thanks to those who did respond!)

What is one situation you live in fear of seeing because of the effect it would have on your team? And what is one situation you’d LOVE to see because it would benefit your team?

I’ll go ahead and give you my answers now.

The one thing I DON’T want to see is Alfonso Soriano getting traded to the American League. If he gets traded, I think that’s where he will go, but he’s had a surprising good year for the Cubs — and the Crusoes. Theo Epstein, you guys need to keep him around!

The one thing I would LOVE to see actually involves multiple players. I would love to see Brett Myers get traded from Houston so Wilton Lopez can close. And/or, I’d love to see the Florida bullpen-by-committee focus on Steve Cishek as its main guy. He had a five-out save last night and there was much cheering in Stately Robinson Manor. This is the second time Ozzie Guillen has “demoted” Heath Bell; the first time lasted about three days.

So what do you think? What’s the one thing you DON’T want to see and the one thing you DO want to see?

E-mail me your answers and I’ll post here.

I encourage everyone to look on their roster page at the bottom to make sure they are comfortable with their projected innings and at-bats totals. Right now, all teams are on pace to reach the appointed figures. I have a couple of concerns about how things will play out, but will watch another couple of weeks before saying anything. Remember, if you don’t meet your innings minimum, you drop to the bottom in ERA and WHIP standings, which sends every team that had been below you up by a point. In offense, missing the minimum at bats drops you to last in BA and the same thing occurs for points in the category. It can have a profound effect on the standings.

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