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Let’s clarify, shall we? (2012-8-26)

Owners, I asked Commissioner Emeritus Overstreet to get an exact ruling on free agent bids in terms of financial responsibility. Here is what his research shows: “Any FA signed for $10+ is automatically on a 2-year guaranteed contract. So to buy him out, you must pay double his salary or $100, whichever is greater. Of [...]

Trade recap (2012-8-24)

The CDRL trade deadline is a week away. After Aug. 31, we can no longer swap players or even pick them up from the free agent pool. With that in mind, I thought I would do a little digging into the trading season of 2012 (subject to change in the final week, of course). If [...]

Working the wires (2012-8-5)

Here are two obvious facts: We all start with 25 active players and 15 reserve players. What you do with them after that is up to you. People change. Rosters change faster. You can change your roster through trades, free agent pickups and waiver claims. But any way you look at it, your roster is [...]

Kings rebuild their pitching staff, against their will (2012-8-1)

A joke: Gary: Hey, Kerry, I’ve got bad news and good news for you. Kerry: Let’s hear the bad news first. Gary: The Cubs traded Ryan Dempster to … the Rangers. Kerry: And there’s good news too? Gary: Well, you now have the best pitching staff in AALRP. HAR! Actually, it’s past the funny stage. [...]