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Here are two obvious facts: We all start with 25 active players and 15 reserve players. What you do with them after that is up to you.

People change. Rosters change faster. You can change your roster through trades, free agent pickups and waiver claims. But any way you look at it, your roster is going to change. Or as one of the great fantasy players of all time has been known to say, it’s all about collecting assets.

I found myself wondering whose rosters reflected the most change via free agency and waiver claims and who has made the most overall moves. If you might similarly wonder about such things, read on. If not, you can go back to watching synchronized diving on NBC.

Combing tirelessly through the transaction list, we find that the Memphis Kings have made 26 free-agent pickups and six waiver claims this year. (As an aside, he has also made trades involving 51 players, so you could essentially stock two new teams with the players Kerry has moved in and out.)

The Usual Suspects have the next most moves, with 10 free agents and six waiver claims.

On rosters updated as of today, the Kings have 14 players picked up through 2012 free agency, far and away the highest total in the league. As for the most waiver claims on a current roster, that honor goes to the Carmine Hose with three. This doesn’t necessarily mean the Kings have picked up all those players or the Hose have claimed them. Just that they are currently on those rosters.

Here’s the league breakdown, in alphabetical team name listing, with free agents listed first and waiver claims second. All are on these current rosters:

Team FA pickups Waiver claims FA on roster WC on roster
Bake’s McBrides 10 3 8 1
Carmine Hose 2 3 2 3
Crusoes 8 3 4 2
Hamm’s Bears 6 1 5 0
Memphis Deadbirds 1 1 5 2
Memphis Kings 26 6 14 0
Memphis Mojo 4 1 2 0
Midtown Knights 9 0 8 0
The Flash 3 0 3 0
The Keynesians 2 1 2 1
The Usual Suspects 10 6 7 1
Gary Robinson posted at 2012-8-5 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1David Memphis MOJO Smith @ 2012-8-5 17:39 Reply

    Good stuff, Gary, thanks for sharing!

  2. #2Kerry @ 2012-8-5 14:09 Reply

    I need to get a life. 26 pickups is nuts. Great work putting that together. Fascinating stuff.

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