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The CDRL trade deadline is a week away. After Aug. 31, we can no longer swap players or even pick them up from the free agent pool.

With that in mind, I thought I would do a little digging into the trading season of 2012 (subject to change in the final week, of course). If you remember in early May, I wondered what had happened to all the big trades. Not much was happening. Well, we got it in gear as the season wore on.

Here’s a look at the activity, by the numbers:

26: The number of trades consummated.

222: The number of players involved in those trades.

12: The number of trades conducted by the Kings (what, you thought I might go the whole blog post without a mention of the Master??)

62: The number of players involved in Kings trades.

8: The number of trades conducted by the Crusoes and the Deadbirds (not with each other, that would be sick).

0: The number of trades conducted by the Bears (look for that to change in the final week of trades.

4: The number of deals made between the Crusoes and Mojo, and the Kings and the Deadbirds.

9: The number of players involved in the biggest trade of the year (McBrides send Jayson Werth, Drew Stubbs, Madison Bumgarner and Brett Myers to the Kings for Andrelton Simmons, Bryan Shaw, Scott Van Slyke, Kolten Wong and Brian LaHair).

Here’s a team-by-team breakdown:

Kings: 12 trades, involving 62 players
Crusoes: 8 trades, 38 players
Deadbirds: 8 trades, 35 players
Suspects: 6 trades, 22 players
Mojo: 6 trades, 18 players
McBrides: 4 trades, 18 players
Keynesians: 4 trades, 10 players
Flash: 2 trades, 7 players
Knights: 1 trade, 8 players
Hose: 1 trade, 4 players

Are there more trades to be made? There are rumblings …

Gary Robinson posted at 2012-8-24 Category: Baseball

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  1. #1Kerry @ 2012-8-25 16:48 Reply

    I gave it all I had, but I am just out of moves, money and luck. The trades and injury bug have killed me. 62 players is crazy.

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